Bidding Adieu to the Alma Mater


Farewell Day a hit with Senior Girls!


20th December, 2012, the 12th grader girls of IHS were Bid farewell by their juniors and peers. Organised by some enthusiastic students and the some student council members, at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium of Indian High School, it was a grand success. It was a day when the 12th graders came together to bid adieu to each other and celebrate their wonderful memories of the school.

Students adorned themselves in Indian traditional saris and looked forward to a day of excitement, little sadness and reminiscent of beautiful past. One of the students said, “We have been waiting ever since we were young to wear saris to school. Finally the day has come!

The day of farewell saw some good programmes and events. With some entertainment programmes and some achievement prizes the gala day began. The first part of the program involved fifteen candidates of giving their speeches for the Student of the Year (a contest to select the best rounded student).

The speech was followed by the most awaited performances from the 11thgraders.  The girls of 11 Arts performed the very popular ‘Gangnam Style’ and other songs, earning a thumbs-up from the audience. There was a band called “The Aunty Rock Band” that performed ‘We Are Young’ and ‘The Call’ among other songs. Neha Nair, the band member said, “We call ourselves Aunty Rock today as we’re wearing saris, just like aunties. And it felt great performing up there on stage. It is even more special since this is going to be our last chance to pay tribute to our seniors.”

Following this was a video made by the Student Council members in which teachers talked about the present graduating batch and wished them all the best for their future endeavours. Mrs.Jidha said, “I am really going to miss these girls. It is really difficult for us to part with our students every year.” The video indeed left everyone a bit emotional, many students and teachers were even tearful and nostalgic.

The entertainment programme in the auditorium concluded the students then cast their votes for the student of the year content.

Of course, an event can never be successful without some refreshments and then it was time for a DJ party. However, while enjoying there was a quick break with an inclusion of result announcement the Student of the Year by Mrs.LatikaNarain, supervisor for Grade 11-12 Girls. The honour went to Ms.SimranGurdasani and was presented with a trophy as well. On asking her about her achievement, she commented, “It is such a great honour to win something like this. I thank Latika ma’am, all my teachers and everyone who voted for me.

After the buzz, the DJ resumed and the party rolled again. The gala didn’t end as even in the classrooms the students were dancing as the DJ’s music played on the PA system. The teachers too joined, making it a very memorable experience indeed. Mrs.Kusumlata said, “I had loads of fun dancing with the girls. It’s a really good thing that they organised this Farewell.” Some of the 11th graders said, “The DJ party was amazing! We had fun and got a chance to bond with each other. We are definitely looking forward to it next year.”



-          Written by IndujaRajendran