Climbing the Summit!

IHS girls trek on Fujairah’s splendid terrain…

On 13th January, 2013, the girls of the Duke of Edinburgh Club and the Adventure Club geared themselves in their sports shoes for the trek on the Masafi Mountain, Fujairah. A trek is certainly a fun and engaging programme that the two zestful clubs of Indian High School organised almost every year.

The girls certainly looked excited and were anticipating their trek during their 45 minute bus ride to the location. The group of girls comprised of novices as well as those who were already acquainted with the sport of trekking.

On reaching the site, the expedition started with Dr. Tappan Das, Mrs.Kusumlata, Mrs.Dipika and Mr.SandeepVashisth leading it after a five minute warm up. 

The route was an expanse of sand and rocks; big and small, loose and intact. The trekking route led them a small catchment area of the Masafi Valley. The girls were thrilled on reaching the destination. One of the duke member and participant at the trek, SanjanaRaheja excitedly commented on the location, “I was taken aback when I saw the small pool of water in the midst of all the rocks. It looked really beautiful. We never knew such beautiful things even existed in rocky areas!

After a 45 minute trek the students were taken to a quiet park in Fujairah for lunch. GrishmaGoud, one of the many novices in the sport was really happy after the event. “I never thought trekking was so much fun. Even though it was my first time, I had never expected something as entertaining as this.” Moving further, the girls had lunch in the Sulphuric Spring Park, within a 15 acre expanse of greenery.

Such programmes are not only entertaining but also in student’s development. Commenting on the need and objective behind conducting such a trek, Mrs. Anita Mehra, the coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh Club said, “The basic aim of the trek is to inculcate a sense of teamwork and joint venture in the students.” Mrs.Mehra, further mentioned “This adventure part of the Duke Club aims in disciplining the body and mind of the students. It helps them gain a good body posture and balance.

"It was an exhilarating experience. The essence of team work was really felt in this activity." commented Nandita Banerjee, an 11th grade student and member of the Duke Club. After the hearty meal, the students were taken back to school. The ride home was rather entertaining with the girls playing games. It certainly felt that the trek was thoroughly enjoyed by each and every student who had attended it.


-          Written by Emee J. Mattew, participant at the trek, member of

Duke of Edinburgh Club at Indian High School, Dubai