Sharjah Book Fair
A exploratory journey for the students to see and understand the world of books!

The Sharjah Book Fair was held in Sharjah from 6th to the 16th November 2013. The place was huge and each hall was segmented into many stalls under different categories. There were books on a wide range of disciplines such as computers, science, literature, technology, etc. On 12thof November was our day out to visit the Sharjah Book Fair. It was a grand occasion for me, as I am very fond of books.
The fair was packed with events like literature festivals, cookery activities and children's festivals. There were also various informative and educational programs for visitors of all ages.

The book fair attracted a large number of men and women and much higher number of students. "The book fair exposed us to a wider arena of the world of books", said Shashank, an IIS student.

We returned back to school with the bulk of books in our hands. The Sharjah book fair was truly a source of knowledge and pleasure. I wish that such book fairs should be organised more often to encourage the students to read more and more books.
- Written by Elisha Varghese, Young Reporter of Light House.