Battle of the Business Brains
The Biz Quiz marked the last event of the Business Clubfor the year 2013-2104 and showcased the best corporate brains of IHS battling it out for the coveted title of Biz Quiz winner 2013-2014.

The final event of the IHS Business Club 2013-2014 was the Biz Quiz, an intellectual clash of the business brains of IHS, held on 16th December 2013.

The event commenced with a speech by Mrs. Girija Gopalakrishnan, Head of the Commerce Department. The competition witnessed students and teachers from the Commerce and Arts departments, as well as pupils from Gulf Indian High School and Our Own English High School, Al Warqa, as part of the competition and the audience.
24 contestants out of 60 applicants were chosen, through an elimination round. Each team consisted of four members and were given names correlating to business jargon, for instance Corporate Pirates, Business Tycoons and so on. The quiz consisted of 10 rounds such as entrepreneurial pioneers, trade expos, business literature, management terms, and entrepreneurship.

The winner of the Biz Quiz 2013-2104 was the team Innovas of IHS consisting of Roopal Beriya, Annalie Gracias, Pranita Shetty and Arohi Bangera maintained their lead from the onset. Speaking on the win, Arohi mentioned, "It was a great learning experience to start off with! The questions kept our minds racing and it's wonderful how our bookish knowledge is being used." Pranita Shetty added, "To tell you the truth I never even thought I would make it through the elimination round. However, winning the competition, which was the icing on the cake." Roopal continued by saying, "Winning did not only reward me in the form of an accolade but also helped me realize my potential as a student of business."

Trailing close behind were the Tycoons, comprising of Rinica Dsouza, Leona Quadros, Akaansha Singh and Priyanka Deshpande followed by the Achievers, which included Sreepa Prabhakaran, Simran George, Arwa and Aishwarya Kumar.

The event concluded with the award ceremony where the top three winners were presented a certificate stating their achievement. The winners of the Bizz Buzz 2013-2014 were also presented with engraved plaques and the Rolling trophy was presented to the Our Own English High School, Al Warqa'a at this event.
- Written by AnnalieGracias, Member of the Editorial Board of Light House.