Editor Addresses Rapporteurs of Light House!
IHS students gets hands-on exposure to mainstream writing in a publication, from a youth magazine's Editor.

The Light House members of The Indian High School were privileged to be addressed by the editor of One8One, a magazine written by youth for youth, Ms. Maria Rousan, on Saturday, 7 December. This magazine provides a platform to make the voice of UAE's youngsters heard.
She spoke to our school's burgeoning rapporteurs about how One8One, the brainchild of Ms. Rousan, gives young adults an outlet to express themselves and vent their creativity. A firm believer in writing as a means of expression, Ms. Rousan encouraged teenagers to read lots and let their thoughts flow on paper. She was accompanied by Sofia Fernandez Vyas, a youth contributor for One8One, who briefly delved into the various columns of the magazine, illustrating that the multitude of pages suit diverse interests. The magazine is unique in the sense that its contents are written solely by youth.

Sofia expressed her views on the significance of youngsters' opinions, saying, "The message that One8One gives to people is that everyone has a talent which is worth celebrating. The youth of the U.A.E. have opinions and thoughts that are as important and valid as those of any adult."
Today's media-savvy generation is immensely influenced, both positively and negatively, by the different forms of media they come across. Sofia says, "The more media we have the more connected people get and the more awareness you can raise about important issues. Meanwhile, it can have negative aspects as well. For example, when it comes to fashion, it can give people very insecure feelings about themselves."

When asked about the proceedings of a typical day at One8One's office, Ms.Rousan answered, "We don't have a typical day as such. It depends. Sometimes we get up at 5:00 a.m. on a weekend to go and do a fashion shoot in the middle of the desert. At other times we brainstorm for ideas in the office. In February last year, we got every kind of chocolate you could think of and we had to try them and choose the best ones and give them personalities." Sofia adds, "We listen to music while we write. We go for photo shoots for the fashion pages and sometimes we go to cover an event."

The junior and senior reporters of Light House also got a chance to know more about the working of the magazine, the various aspects of writing and the opportunities One8One writers get to review products and video games, attend concerts, conduct interviews and more.One8One is published monthly and is available for free at Virgin Megastore outlets.
- Written by Amal Anwar Yousuf, Senior Reporter of Light House.