IHS Commemorates the National Language with Fervour!
Students take part in Hindi Divas to pay tribute to their National Language and lay emphasis on its importance today!

On the 14th of November, students of the Indian High School celebrated the Hindi Diwas in the Sheikh Rashid auditorium. The occasion was best suited to quote, Alexis de Tocqueville, "The tie of language is perhaps the strongest and the most durable that can unite mankind."

The program was celebrated with zest, aided by a plethora of mesmerising performances by both students and teachers to instil and reinstate a sense of respect for the national language of India, into the students. Emphasising on the importance of Hindi as the national language of Indian Students, it became the paramount objective of the program.

The bustling audience of the auditorium was buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the performances to initiate. An assemblage of boys from the 7th and 8th boys section, clad in their respective state's traditional attire initiated the program. Each of them strongly emphasised on the fact that even though they hailed from different cultural backgrounds, their national language had kept them united. Mr. Lal, the coordinator of the program showed how Hindi had come into existence with the abetment of an enthralling PowerPoint presentation. "Our national language is being forgotten. It is something that has kept us united all these years and it is important to remind ourselves of our true identity and commemorate our mother tongue." said Mr. Lal when asked to comment on the significance of the program.

An arsenal of performances by the students then followed, a notable one being the couplet recitation by the boys of grade 5 and 6. With their marvellous recitation skills, the boys managed to captivate the audience in a matter of a few minutes as they recited the couplets written by eminent poets such as Rahim Das and Kabir Das. With this they managed to revive lost lines of poetry, written ages ago and make the audience aware of such great literary pieces which had a great significance in the development of Hindi.

The pace of the program then rocketed as adrenaline-fuelled dance performances followed which left the audience spellbound. Both teachers and students joined hands to gratify the audience and celebrate the Indian culture. However, what flabbergasted the audience the most was disclosed towards the end. A few senior teachers once termed as 'rockstars' relived their past and captivated the audience with their mellifluous voices, showing their vocal prowess.
- Written by Kartik Kumar, Junior Reporter for Light House.