Fun, Frolic and A Family A(f)fair!
IHS saw the greatest turnover at their annual family fun fair, organised by the Friday Family Club.

The Family Fun Fair, 'A Family A(f)fair', was held on the 31st of November, at the Indian High School Senior School campus. Organised by the Friday Family Club of the school, the main aim of the fair was to provide an opportunity for families to spend quality time together, while raising money for charity.
The onset of the wintry chills did not stop the large number of people from coming to the fair. The fair had many stalls, and something for everyone. There were many game stalls, including 'Ring Toss', 'Hit the Joker' and 'Hoopla'. The games were especially popular among younger children, who made the ambience lively and buoyant.

The Fun Fair had a large number of food stalls, and every state and region of India was represented by the gourmet dishes, showing the culinary diversity of the country.
School clubs, like the F1 Club, the Environment Club and the Duke of Edinburgh Club had their own stalls. Rhea, from the Duke of Edinburgh club said, "Our club has put up a stall where people can play three enthralling games. I think it's great way to involve people. All the money that we will raise will go to the Chairman's Fund, which shall be donated to charity." Stalls not only entertained the audience, but also conveyed important social and environmental messages through their activities.
"The Environment Club has put up a stall and we aim to raise awareness about different environmental issues and we also hope to raise some money for charity. We're giving away free saplings that can be sown so that people grow more trees and plants and contribute towards the conservation of the environment. We're selling baskets, items with the theme 'best out of waste' and T-shirts themed on our environment, and we'll be donating all our collections to the Chairman's Fund", explained Sareem, from the Environment Club stall.
The stalls sold a wide range of commodities from painted shirts & useful goods made out of waste to baskets & books. All the money was collected for the Chairman's Fund, which will be donated to charity.

There were many performances to entertain the audience, which involved not only the students, but the parents and children from the audience as well. One of the performers from the school just before their troop was going to perform said, "We'll be performing a dance on a Bollywood item. Our troop has been practicing for two weeks. Everything was done by the students: three to four people have choreographed the entire dance. I think this event provides a great opportunity for us to display our talents. We're here to entertain the audience, and we really hope they like it!" The audience was unceasingly engrossed in the marvellous performances that were presented before them.
The event owed its enormous success to its sponsors, who made it the Family Fun Fair an exciting and lively event. The event was sponsored by renowned brands such as Toyota, etc. Fanny from Toyota, the main sponsor, said, "We're very happy to be a part of the event. Since this is the first time we've sponsored this [event], we hope to learn different things this time. The fair is a great opportunity for us to get close to our customers, and the experience is hands-on. It's a great experience overall."
The event was made possible only because of the hard work put in by the organisers, which included teachers as well as students, especially by the Friday Family Club.

Smitha Zuting, one of the organisers, said, "I am glad that the event has been such a huge success. The turnout is definitely very good. Since many parents could not make it to the Friday Family Club meetings, we decided on having a large event where families could spend time together, and that was when we came up with the idea of a Family Fun Fair. It has been a lot of work in organising such a big event, but I think it pays off when you see that the event is so successful. We hope to learn from some of the things that may have gone wrong this year, so that we can make the next time much better and more enjoyable."
The fun fair was not only remarkably successful in providing families an opportunity to spend time together and bond, but it also raised a huge sum of money for charity. The fun fair combined a variety of elements to make the evening a truly enjoyable one and making itself stand out in the Indian High School's event calendar.
- Written By Tanish Jain, Junior Reporters of Light House and Edited by Tushar Gupta, member of the Editorial Board of Light House.