IHS Wins Big at the CBSE Football Clusters!
After winning the inter-school CBSE football clusters at the regional levels, IHS football team is set for the National's Tournament!

The girls' football team of IHS and also the boy's team did IHS proud this year by bagging the first position in the CBSE RegionalFootball Clusters. They won the qualifying match on 27th November, 2013 and played the finals on 3rd December, 2013 against DPS, Dubai (the hosts of this event).

Tanya Lalwani of the football team of IHS scored the first goal in the first half. The second half witnessed 2 goals also from IHS, one by Tanya Lalwani and the other by Derina Alexander. This ended the game with a score of 3-0 and a ticket to the nationals' game. They played from 11th to 14th December in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The team has been training for 3 years to enhance their performance. The total score board from the tournament for IHS is 9, divided among 3 players namely Elensa Ann Eapen(1),Tanya Lalwani(7),Derina Alexander(1).

Elensa, the team captain says, "This is the third time we're playing the clusters. The second time that we'd played, we reached the quarterfinals and the third time, we won this tournament."Coming from the captain, this definitely seemed like a sweet victory for her and the entire team. Upon asking her what the team wishes to gain from this experience, she says, "We hope to learn team bonding, adjustment to other conditions and different types of people, which will make them an even stronger team when they return."

Tanya Lalwani(the best player in the team, according to the captain) says that the drive behind her for scoring so many goals in these matches was the love and passion she felt for the game. Quoted in her own words, she says "I feel like I am in my own personal paradise when I play football." She was injured last year which stopped her from playing temporarily, and she admits that since this is her 2nd last year of playing football she wants to give it her best shot while she can.

Upon analyzing the change in game strategy, Tanya mentions, "Last year the team played more of a defensive game." This year, since they have more offensive players, as claimed, they have decided to go ahead with the attack and win it all, and they surely did!
- Written by Rachita Shah, Senior Reporter of Light House.