House Month Brings Fun and Competitive Zeal!
Students of IHS recently had their annual house month and celebrated it in a competitive and zealous manner...

From the 25th of November, till the 27th of November, 2013 11th and 12th grade girls of IHS altered their annual, House Day celebrations into House Month.
When asked about the birth of the all-new adventure, Pooja Baburaj, the Head Girl of the school had to say, "House month was definitely not on our preplanned activity chart. What is unknown to most people is that the agenda for a house month was born out of situational circumstance. The auditorium was booked all the way through December. And we had to plan a house day schedule which included our council's signature style of having elaborate umbrella events as well as one that could fit in the allotted time schedule. A little innovation upon tradition, some cherished events with a few new twists and voila - house month was born".

25th of November 2013, saw the inauguration ofa month-long delight set off with the respective house captains hoisting the flag.
The 26th November witnessed a cheerful crowd at the auditorium. The program commenced with a group dance on the theme, 'Internationalism'. The performers were versatile with dance forms like Afro-Jazz, Hip-Hop and fusion. The four contestants were skilled. The 'face-off' played a song, on which the contestant would dance, given a two-minute preparation time. The audience spectated the dance battle. Each performance was a treat to the eye.
"Dance is my passion, so I just went up there and did what I do best. So despite the pressure, I was able to give it my best shot. A special thanks to the Emerald house for being so supportive and cheering me throughout which helped raise my spirits. I was pretty nervous since competitors from all the houses were quite known for their dancing abilities and wasn't confident (initially) about going solo and choreographing a dance sequence on the spot." says KarishmaDholakia, winner of the Face Off challenge.

27th November had even more explosive events in place! Everyone assembled in the auditorium, each house was supported with cheer and there was a bit of a competition between the four houses. The celebrations commenced with group singing with every house having a 5 minute performing time. A medley of songs was performed by all the houses with a guitar, keyboard and even drums. Anushka Nair, a member of the Emerald house group singing said, "With a hectic grade 12 schedule, we managed to devote time to take part in group singing and had a great time. We also won the 2nd prize, which is an added bonus."
Topaz house ultimately bagged the first prize with Emerald and Ruby coming second and Sapphire at the third position.

With the group singing competition coming to an end, it was now time for the fashion show. The fashion show rounds were under the category of nature, divas, Halloween and creativity. The first round was the nature round where every student displaying their idea of nature as a dress. The diva round, was where the IHS divas took on the role of Audrey Hepburn and Rekha and walked the ramp with confidence. The next was the Halloween round. Every house managed to get the spooky, eerie chills in the audience with the elaborate dresses and make up. Lastly, the creative round, where each house was given a plain white t-shirt and was allowed to let their creativity flow and alter and design the shirt any way they wanted. As the t-shirts were displayed, talented future fashion designers showcased beautiful t-shirts.
Prachi Sahoo, a part of the Emerald house, Halloween round was asked about her overall experience she said, "It was a very exhilarating experience provided that the whole thing was put together in less than a day but we worked through the entire process and managed to put on a good show. Being bride-zilla was also fun because nothing gets better than stomping unto the stage with a blue face in an absolutely spoofy bridal dress and veil." Emerald house was judged the best in fashion show with Topaz coming second and a tie at the third position between Sapphire and Ruby. Prachi added, "We worked very hard and it was a pleasure to see it fall into place as we clinched the first price."

In this event, everyone was a winner-acquiring new skill and of course, discovering themselves in the melting pot of cultures. The Emerald house was all gold, winning their way through both the segments of the day! The second and third places were bagged by the Sapphire House and the Topaz House in the Group Dance respectively. Meanwhile, the second place was won both by Sapphire and Topaz and the third place went to Ruby House in the 'face-off'.
- Written by Adya Kiran, Senior Reporter of Light House and Edited by Paavani Dua, member of the Editorial Board of Light House.