Learning to Lead their Way!
IHS Students imbibe and learn more from leading ladies in different sectors of economy, at the YWLS summit!

The Indian High School senior wing girls participated in the Young Women's Leadership Summit (YWLS) held on 1st December, 2013. This one day summit was organized by the Our Own English High School, Al Warqa'a.

YWLS was an intensive single-day event, where attendees met with leading women personalities for high energy sessions. Students posed those personalities with greater questions concerning, self, issues concerning women in particular in different spheres, their likely solutions and the dynamism of women empowerment in different areas.

There were competitions, exhibitions and presentations woven into the fabric of the programme. The summit had different rounds including a movie making round, dance round, expressions round, debate round and the painting round, all of which aimed towards enhancement of women in different roles they play today.

There were a large number of IHS students who participated in the summit. Nandita Bannerjee one of the attendees commented on the event, she stated, "The event was a great. It provided us with a platform where we were able to come together to share opinion, discuss ideas, expand and deepen our knowledge to facilitate the advancement and enrichment of women."

All the participants enjoyed the events and where able to learn and come up with solutions for the problems raised at the event.

Grade 12 students, Nandita Bannerjee and Pooja Baburaj won third place in the Discussions and Expressions round respectively.
- Written by Emee J. Mathew, member of the Editorial Board of Light House.