Amazing Literature Festival
Students learn, enjoy and have a gala time, at the IIS Literature Festival!

The literature festival, also known as 'The Lit Fest was organised with the objective of promoting interest of the students in English Literature alongwith the Islamic values. Held in September, it delivered for a period of a week catering to individual student requirement. Students were divided into groups for the chosen activity as per their area of interest.
We had an amazing literature festival experience at IIS, DSO. "It was a great success, with the active participation of students and teachers." said our Activity Coordinator Ms. Rashida Nagarseth. We had many activities like writathon, mass media broadcasting, storytelling and character role play. In writathon, we wrote biographies, read stories and created newspaper articles. In character role play we acted roles of characters from different stories. In mass media broadcasting we did research on different areas like social, print, TV, and radio media.
It was a great opportunity to explore and learn new things. It helped students to improving skills on reading and writing. The event also helpedin understanding the different types of writing like fiction, biography, non-fiction, Newspaper Article writing etc. It helped in fun activities that can improve vocabulary and increase interest in Literature.
- Written by P. MeghnaKiran, Young Reporter of Light House.