The Clash of the Mathletes!
IHS Scholars fought bravely through the Math Olympiad, winning big!

The Regional Math Olympiad was held on December 1, 2013, at the Indian High School, Dubai. Our school was represented by 8 brilliant and budding mathematicians, who put their best foot forward, and hoped to represent our school at the prestigious International Math Olympiad, to be held later during the year. The main aim of the competition was to test innate problem solving skillsand hence hunt talent at a young age. A Mathematics Olympiad is a problem solving competition, open to all the budding mathematics titans.

The Olympiad was a 3-hour written test containing about 6 to 7 problems, indicating the difficulty level of the test. The areas covered in the test were as follows: number systems, integers, geometry, quadratic equations and expressions, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, systems of linear equations, permutations and combinations, factorization of polynomials, inequalities, probability theory, complex numbers, elementary graph theory etc.. Basically, a lot of mathematic calculations!

Mrs. Mary Zachariah, head of the mathematics department and an invigilator of the test commented on this prestigious title, "Students from different schools from all around the UAE took part in this Olympiad. The test required exceptional analytical and logical reasoning. The students put on their thinking caps and tried their level best at attempting the questions. It was indeed the clash of the Mathletes."

Commenting on the Olympiad and its content, Induja Rajendran, a participant and math enthusiast, said, "The test was extremely difficult but I enjoyed trying a hand at it. It was an amazing experience and I hope that IHS wins."

The Olympiad was truly an international competition and also could be called once in a lifetime experience for the "math-lovers". The students of IHS are hopeful of better results and will look forward for the International Math Olympiad, if they may win!
- Written by Rochelle Mendonca, Member of the Editorial Board of Light House.