U.A.E National Day Celebration at Junior School!
Students celebrate the 42nd UAE National Day with patriotic spirit and fervour

The cultural program, to honour the U.A.E National Day, was held on 27th of November, and celebrated the country's heritage and culture, with utmost enthusiasm!
All the students and teachers of I.H.S junior school were gathered in the quadrangle for this joyous occasion. The program also celebrated the spirit of union through several musical performances, including renditions of the national anthem of U.A.E and other traditional songs. The dance performances, by the students, wearing colourful, traditional costumes of UAE, which was indeed a visual delight! The occasion ended with the performers, throwing balloons, of different colours of the flag, to the audience.

Farhath, a student of Grade 4, who participated in the show, shared her delight, by saying, "I am an Indian, but I was born here and I have been living here, since the past 10 years. I am very happy to be celebrating the UAE National Day, because this country is my second home. I like to take part in the celebration every year, as it is quite exciting, celebrating with the community."

At the end, the students thanked the organizers for the grand event, as it helped them understand the culture, heritage and history of U.A.E better, and extended their gratitude towards the rulers of this county for the hospitality. Ms.Ameera, the Arabic coordinator appreciated the enthusiasm shown by the students, saying, "It was a pleasure being a part of this event. But I cannot take the credit for myself, as it is the participants that made this event a grand success."
- Written by ChandiniPadmaraj, Young Reporter of Light House.