A Mixed Bag of Science!
IHS Students participate and Win Big at the National Children's Science Congress!

Grade 10 Girls of Indian High School (IHS), Dubai, made it to the finale of the 21st National Children's Science Congress. Grade 11 & 12 boys, participated and presented their projects on the day of the screening, on the 29th of November 2013 at the Manipal University, Dubai. There were about 8 'Junior' teams and 7 'Senior' teams.The IHS Girls' team comprised of Nimisha Sandeep Lele, NevitaSaha, Pankti Shah, Nelisha Mehta, FatimaShirazi along with their mentor Mrs. Elizabeth Shirazi. They grabbedthe second place on the day of the UAE Level screening.
The National Children's Science Congress (NCSC) is a flagship programme of the National Council for Science & Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology, of the Government in India. It provides the children of 10 to 17 years, from all over the country, a unique opportunity to use their scientific temperament and knowledge to make their own dreams come true. The program was initiated in 1993, with the objectives of gaining practical knowledge and encouraging the children to visualize the future of the nation.
The focal theme for this year was 'Energy: Explore, Harness and Conserve' and it is this year, for the first time, teams from Indian schools in the UAE could participate. Each Indian school in the UAE could send in a maximum of 2 projects for the screening. A total of 7 projects would go for the NCSC finale, each from each emirate of the UAE.
From the IHS, there were two teams of 5 members each, one of Grade 10 Girls and the other was of Grade 9 talking to team member Nimisha about the project, she explains, "Our project was, basically, to replace speed breakers made out of concrete with kinetic plates which could help in electricity generation. When the cars pass over the kinetic plates, the kinetic energy produced turns the connected levers and the gears, which will produce electricity. During the screening, each team was given a total of 10 minutes each, and 8 minutes of explanation and presentation, with another 2 minutes for a question and answer session with the judges. Our project was also given a special mention by the judges at the end of all the presentations."
When asked about how they were feeling after winning in the preliminary round, Nevita says, "We are nervous and excited at the same time. There will be a lot of competition since there will be teams from each state in India. We are working hard to perfect our project. Even if we don't win, we will be happy because we will be carrying the name of our school with dignity to Bhopal and making our school proud of us." Nimisha adds, "I am also excited because this is going to be the last educational trip with my friends, together."
Talking to the group's mentor, Mrs. Elizabeth Shirazi, a Grade 10 Chemistry teacher, she says, "It was a good experience and it was more like a repetition for me as this is the second time I am participating in the Science Congress. Last year, I had participated in the Dubai Children's Science Congress." Further, she adds, "The girls are very good, hard-working and dedicated. The idea I selected was a novel and innovative one which was not put into use commonly. Some of the other teams presented old ideas, whereas the others presented new ones. But, as an over-all, the judges said that the Junior team was better than the Senior's."

There will be around 700 projects in the finale of the NCSC, scheduled to take place from 27th to 31stDecember, 2013, at VigyaBhawan, in Bhopal, India. The team is all, ready and set.
- Written by AthiraAnand, Junior Reporter of Light House.