Excel at the Dubai Zoo Sketch and Painting
Students of IHS win big at the Dubai Zoo painting and sketching competition winning laurels and prizes for themselves.

Eight representatives from the boys section from this school were sent to the Dubai Zoo on Tuesday, 26thNovember, 2013. It was a prestigious event in which each school sent their best art candidates to compete. TejPranav Bhati from 9'n', ShanilRahul Pathak from Grade 9 and Deepak Acharya from 10 students were awarded with the 'best-painting' certificates from the government of Dubai along with Samsung Galaxy Tabs and three other students received consolation prizes from borders. They had competed against eight other shortlisted schools that participated in the event. One of the coordinators of the event commented on the IHS student's success, "this is going to be a very interesting competition."

The participants were divided into different categories, i.e. Group A (Grades one to three), Group B (Grades four to eight) and Group C (Grades nine to eleven). A maximum of twenty students from all the selected schools were allowed to take part in each category. All the drawing tools and equipment were provided by the Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai.

The event was fun filled as students were given theme based on Animals and Wildlife. After the success of the students in this competition, they were congratulated by their teachers and the principals for bringing laurels to the school. A proud Mr. Chacko, the Head of the Fine Arts Department said, "There was excellent performance by the students, it's fantastic that out of the eight boys that we sent, six of them returned with prizes! Hats off to our students for making our school proud!"
- Written by Tej Pranav Bhati, Junior Reporter of Light House, also a participant and winner in the art competition.