Gearing up for the Finals: Study Techniques for Better Results!
Students of IHS are gearing up for their exams and this is what we thought we could do to help them study better!

The academic year is almost coming to an end with IHS students thinking about their final exams and getting good results. The final exams are due in months' time. When we asked many of our friends what are the reasons for not expected, expected more kind of results most of them say two things Distractions (Social media, BBM, whatsapp) & wrong or unorganised study methods (mugging up, bad note making or note taking techniques).

However, there are study techniques, which one can adapt. The students of IHS were spoken to about the problems they faced during their exams, before or after than period. One of the student, AhrazAsad of 11 Sci said, "The main problem for me is the time management. I find it hard to manage time, mainly because of my own laziness and procrastination." Speaking on a similar level, we asked the same to Aneese of 11 Com he commented "Studying facts, learning something by heart & mugging up."

We've read a book and certain pointers for those who want better results, here are 5 of them:
  • Before your exams, Go on a media diet - understand that you may need to cut down or narrow down your social media or traditional media usage.
  • Don't wait to feel interested or entertained by your study - We never feel like studying anytime do we?We become interested in what we give our attention to and focus on the subject matter by choice can help you study better.
  • Set your goal's & Focus on them - make a note of the big reasons to study, you are taking a step toward your goals.
  • Study & relax: Give yourself a Break - as it is important to relax our brains and let knowledge gained, be retained. A nap or a playing a game for 20-30 minutes.
  • Maitain a schedule and some Regular study habits - make use of your time, study appropriately by means of note making and taking and using reviewing those materials.
A research's show that if people adopt study technique's they help you to study better & study more efficiently & also help us in the long run. When the students of the IHS, most of us questioned them & came back with a reply that they did not know any study techniques. If they had that was note making & they were not good at it. When we the studying strategies' of our friends Ahraz said, "My strategy is to learn everyday instead of piling everything for the end." However, his classmate Ashwinhad another view about his strategy, as he said "It's not how many hours you study, But how hard and smart you study." Another 11th grade student, Aneesementioned something about keeping moving with studies, he mentioned, "Practice makes you perfect. That's my motto." Most people, even not knowing follow one of four study techniques; Visual, Audio, Reading & Kinaesthetic.

We made a list of most used & most helpful study techniques, which were taken from a book. We've heard about the famous SQ3R method, which is anacronym for five steps that for studying or reading, to remember the subject These are:Survey (skim and scan through the elements and get into the typographical details), Question (note down the questions you pose to yourself, you can answer them later, after your reading), Read (Now read the document, one section at a time and make a note of anything that you don't understand - you can use these notes later on, when you explore related materials.), Recall (this is the most important in learning process as you can assess what you may have learned or gathered), and Review (you need to drill the learned words into your head, a review helps).

Apart from the renowned SQ3R method, there are several other mechanism which help to recall or learn better they can be use of Flash Cards, summarization of key words, use of visual imagery through diagrammatic representations also help. Mnemonics or use of the acronym technique is an age old one but surely helps during recollection of many formulas or techniques. Though we have several techniques further, each which could cater to individual needs to help one focus better during the exams and get better results, catering to one's best potential. Setting one's goal and working towards it is also soemthingthat most students had mentioned, when questioned. The most important thing found, when we spoke to different students regarding their studying techniques, we found that it is easier to get distracted. However, they could work on that by avoiding distractions and following some of the techniques mentioned here.
- Written by Nihaad Mohammed, Senior Reporter of Light House.