Saturday Clubs' Grand Finale!
The Indian International School has a Saturday Weekend Club planned to facilitate students to learn new things, engage in group activities and learn instead of sitting home.

The clubs teach many relevant extracurricular activities such as speaking skills under the Let' Speak Club; Western and Indian Carnatic Music under the Music Club; General Knowledge Club and the Artisque Club for arts and crafts.
These clubs are aimed to improve creative skills along with guiding the child how to finish a project successfully, at end of the year. At the end of this Weekend club we had a Grand finale of the Club. They had to display what they had learned to their parents in a formal way. It was the day of pride, honour and happiness to show their parents what they have learned and to bring out the talent in them.
Our hosts for the day were Mansi, Shashank, Neha and Elisha. We had Sandeep sir as the Chief Guest of the day.

We had the performance of the Let's Speak Club, Music Club and GK club. The art club drawings were displayed outside the auditorium and all the programs were highly appreciated. Mr. Sandeep Vashisth, Activity Supervisor for the three schools commented, "You all did a great job in this."

One of Our club friends Rhea commented "This keeps me entertained on Saturdays." While the Music Club student Lekha mentioned "I have improved my voice a lot after joining the music class on Weekends."
- Written by Pooja Vinod, Young Reporter of Light House.