Unwinding at the Desert
Time for some fun and adventure, as students unwind from their weeks of hard work and studies...

Approximately 24 boys of the duke of Edinburgh with our 5 teachers headed to Hatta to unwind and relax in the cool breeze of the desert, on 18th January, 2014. The boys as anticipated were very excited for this off-road trip, fully geared up for a bumpy ride of dune bashing, camel riding and buggy rides, reason why this trip turned out to be a success.
Students actively participated in this event and ensured they took away something meaningful from them. Not only are these trips healthy for students' inter-personal skills but also good for team building exercises. Rohit Madhusudan a student of 11th grade spoke about his experience as she shared, "It was my first desert safari trip with friends and the experience was life time, even though the dune bashing was for a short while, it was bumpy. The buggy rides were extremely enjoyable, so was the camel ride. To surmise I completely enjoyed the trip." When asked what the most special moment or memories that will stay a long while, he stated it was when one of the boys was called out to dance along with dancer in the traditional form. He added, "the Arabic dinner was just mouthwatering and delicious, his favourite being the Arabic grilled meat was hogged into."

Our teachers too, enjoyed this trip they said that it was a fun filled experience and it was extra special to them as they were accompanied by the students. Sir Shajith Nair and Sir A. Maheen shared their experience too, they mentioned, "It was a thrilling experience for us, dune bashing was the best and we all enjoyed it. The boys were very well behaved and carried themselves in a very respectful manner. The camel rides and the buggy rides were also fun. The Arabic dinner was just amazing and the Arabic grills were the best, we loved it." When asked about their special moment in this trip they told that, it was the bumpy rides that they had during the camel riding and during the dune bashing. They even stated that these trips have educationally helped the student gain knowledge about the traditional culture of UAE.
The boys of duke of Edinburgh are now anxiously waiting for a trip to Himalaya may be the next year, as this will be the last trip for the grade 11 boys of the duke of Edinburgh and apparently this happened to be the best, as mentioned by them.
- Written by Jason Joseph, Senior Reporter of Light House.