Giving Back to the Institution in their Own Way!
Some of the teachers of IHS have had a longstanding relationship with this institution; here are some testimonies of what they have shared with this place.

The proud heritage of the Indian High School emerges from more than fifty years of innovation, progress, and achievement. The longstanding nature of its immense success in education obviously points towards a deeper understanding within the community. There's more to this institution than just being good facilities and academic learning.

One of the strongest testimonies to this is the number of teachers, and students, who have chosen to continue their relationship with the school as long as they can, merely because the school's atmosphere is so intimately endearing. Some of the teachers of Indian High School have dedicated much of the life to this institution, some of them have been alums transforming into educators and some who have just shown their loyalty in some or the other way.

Mrs. Fatimha Godinho, who teaches English, has been a part of the institution since 1979. It has indeed been a long journey for her, reminiscent of her days she said, "I feel like the school and I, have grown up together", she fondly added, "I feel an intimate sense of belonging and ease with the Indian High School. It is a place, which has granted me great autonomy, and respect. Here I can implement my ideas and share my knowledge the best way I can, without hindrance. That is what makes the school one of the best"

Another member of the faculty, who is also the Head of the Department for Islamic Studies, Ms. Sultana Sayyed, has had her whole family related to the Indian high school. Her daughter Ms. Rahat, is an alumna of IHS and is a currently engineering graphics teacher for senior grades at the school. When asked about why she had chosen to stay with Indian High School for a long time, Ms. Sultana commented, "Ever since I joined with this school in 1982, I have felt a positive vibe in its atmosphere. I remember holding my little daughter's hands to admit her into the school, and today, even her children are IHS students. IHS is like my big family- So many friendships have begun here. Also, it is a pleasure for me to share my knowledge with my students in the school and observe their responses. Overall, this school truly forms an indispensable part of my life."

Another teacher, Mrs. Rosy George, Head of the Department for English in senior grade, has also been a part of the school for 33 years now. About her long relationship with the school and its students, she says "I am proud to see my children grow up, especially when they are so many steps better than what we were. And when I see the kids of my old students in my classes, I feel like it is a doubled relationship, and grown love."

However, it is not just the teachers who have chosen to extend their relationship with IHS, there are also former students who have returned to teach the school. Mrs. Sajitha Rajgopal who is currently a senior mathematics teacher at the school studied at Indian High from kindergarten till 1986, when she was an eighth grader. "I never wanted to leave the school" she says, "but because my sisters had graduated and had to pursue higher education in India, I had to."

Furthermore, speaking about her relationship with the institution, Mrs. Sajitha said, "Indian High School is where the best possible and upgraded facilities are provided. What I love most about the school is its student body, its supportive faculty and its vibrant atmosphere. The school is like home to me, and I'm quite proud of the fact that I was here to witness both its 25th Jubilee as well as its 50th year celebrations."

On being asked about why she chose to apply to I.H.S rather than anywhere else on returning to Dubai, she responds, "There was no question about it. It had been my dream to teach and IHS was the first and the only school I applied to on returning because this was simply the best. At IHS, I feel like I am an essential part of the big system."

Indeed, it is that element of the Indian High School, which makes every staff member, and student feel like a part of its large, dynamic being, that has contributed to its massive success. The fact that the school continually evolves for the better and strives to provide the highest possible support to its students has made it outstanding, and moreover, lovable to everyone associated with it.

To summarize it all, is a very apt phrase, as Ms. Godinho puts it, "May the sun never set on so glorious a school..."

A talk with some of those teachers, who have stayed with the school for more than twenty years of happy bonding, and those that have chosen to return to teach at the same school where they were students, revealed itself as a testimony to this fact.
- Written by Keertana Subramani, Senior Reporter of Light House.