Republic Day Spirit
Students of IIS went to Delhi, India to see the Republic Day celebrations and always were thrilled to perform at IHS...

In Delhi, India the republic day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. It starts with the parade and ends with the beating of the retreat. In the parade they showed the gadgets which gives strength to the army and there is March past by the Indian Army. In the 2014 republic day parade was Dr. Shinzo Ape, the Prime Minister of Japan. What the students of IIS experienced in Delhi, were commendable, a small glimpse of what is experienced at New Delhi, is here.

However, here, in Dubai we had our very own celebration of the Republic Day with over 1000s Indian High School students participated during a 4 hour program. Over 216 students of IIS, DSO celebrated Republic Day with a spectacular dance which included dances from various parts of India.

Behind the show there was lot of hard work by the teachers, children and the dance choreographer. It took the students 1 month to practice the formations and finally perform well in from of the audience.

"It was a great and a fun experience teaching the talented students of IIS, I am glad they put up a good show." says Mr.Arun Lobo, the dance choreographer.

"So many hours of hard work led to a great program with all the students thoroughly enjoying themselves and paying tribute to our homeland." Shiney Kevin, Supervisor of IIS,DSO.
- Written by Anandajith Jinesh, Young Reporter of Light House.