The Regional Round Square Conference at IHS!
The Indian High School, Dubai hosted the Round Square Regional Conference at the Indian International School, Dubai Silicon Oasis, the third campus of IHS.

The Indian High School, Dubai hosted the Round Square Regional Conference at the Indian International School, Dubai Silicon Oasis, the third campus of IHS. The conference was organized in last week of December, 2014 and delegates from across the gulf region participated in the event.

This conference highlighted the issue of Internet Ethics. Marking the informal start of the conference were the ice-breaking sessions and several thrilling party games, which established new bonds and fostered socialising skills.
Followed by dinner and then a clay modelling session, the wonderful day wrapped up quite well. Day two of the conference opened its doors with its official opening ceremony that observed several school flags rise high and the signature IHS Brass Band. The delegates and students of the Indian High School displayed a spectacular performance to watch. The CEO of IHS, Dr. Ashok Kumar declared the conference open. The delegates prepared themselves to get involved in the challenge and answer "Should social media be included in the curriculum?" The points in favour and against that had come up during the debate were those that were very intellectual in sense! The delegates also had a fun social outing planned, as they went to one of the world's largest mall: the Dubai Mall.

Divided into four days, the third day of the conference saw, Mr. Ahmed, who is a part of the Dubai police, addressed the students about the multitudinous risks involved in social media. To catalyze the delegates' debating skills, they participated in the discussion 'Facebook is an Isolating Agent'. The session was also addressed by several key speakers like Mr. Anamitra Ray and Ms. Meghna Kalvani, there was a serious exchange of views on net etiquettes and digital technology. As the day came to a close, the students were up for some entertainment, as they went for a desert safari.

"The Round square conference was an experience of a lifetime which provided us with a platform for edification and cultural exchange and brought students from different parts of the world together under one roof enabling us to form bonds of friendship that we would cherish of the years to come!" said Daniel Roy Barman, a delegate at the event.

with the fourth day began with Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai, address to the students. After a valuable discussion on ethical and unethical hacking, it was time to art ways and the valedictory function began at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium of IHS. It witnessed several flamboyant performances, truly being a cultural bonanza!

Another delegate, Shruthi Suresh Iyer has to say, "The event was very enriching. We had the opportunity to meet loads of new people and I have gained immense knowledge about net ethics. I thank the school for this wonderful opportunity!"

All in all, it was a terrific event that aimed at nurturing public speaking, rational thinking and most importantly universal values! Pledging to stay in touch with one another, the conference ended on a wonderful not with a formal dinner, thrown for the students by our CEO.
- Written by Adya Kira, Senior Reporter of Light House.