IHS Students Get Assessed in Speaking & Listening Skills!
To develop and enhance speaking and listening skills of students CBSE introduced Assessment of these skills in an innovative fashion...

January 1st week and 2nd week Indian High School had held the Assessments of Speaking & Listening Skills (ASL) for students of Grade 11. This scheme has been introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India, to develop and enhance listening & speaking skills of students. Good communication skills raise the self-esteem of a student; therefore, CBSE essentially desires that the student acquires proficiency in these skills, by the time they leave school. In the present day global markets, speaking and listening are considered to be the essential skills of real life. For this particular effort, IHS collaborated with the Trinity College, London to train teachers & prepare students for this exam.

The Listening's Skills test consisted of 3 tasks consisting of MCQ's, match the speakers and fill in the blanks activities. The test was to be completed in 45 minutes. The speaking skills test was held on the alternate day for students, where they were set up in pairs & assessed on the basis of their co-ordination, their time management & their fluency in speaking. This task consisted of 3 parts first a topic given on the spot, a topic allotted to them previously & problem solving assessment. Each person for his topic is allotted 1 min each & for the problem solving 2 min.

This assessment was introduced to the students and in IHS for the first time. When we asked our friends how was their experience Krish Gandhi of 11 Com H, said; "My experience was good, it was something new that the school did[and] something different. It was a really good decision made by the school to conduct this, and we should do it more often."

But then the question arises "Do the students really need these tests?" We asked some of the students, Mufeed Shaikh of 11 Sci F said; "Yes we do, as these exams are very interactive and will be very helpful in the real world. Such tests would be good in other subjects as well." However, Izaan Khan of 11 Com G said had different views "No. We don't need these kind of exams. We don't need any exams at all. To improve a person's ability to communicate in public we need them to intrinsically open up and analyse. Mainly, by putting them in public speaking seminars."

Another student, Joe Ashik of the Science division also presented his views on whether similar tests are needed in other subjects, he said, "Yes, we need more tests like this, however not this exam precisely and not in all other subjects. Scientific subjects have no need for such tests but commercial subjects could benefit highly from this method of testing. The format must be thoroughly revised, and an emphasis on other important skills like public speaking is essential. Format must be thoroughly revised, and an emphasis on other important skills like public speaking is essential." Furthermore, speaking to Mufeed about, how do these tests help us?, he mentioned, "It shows how smart people really are and helps increase our interaction, concentration and listening as well as speaking skills."
- Written by Nihaad Mohammed, Senior Reporter of Light House.