Annual Sports Day at IHS Junior School
The Annual Sports Day was held in the premises of Indian High School- Junior Section, Garhoud. The theme was, 'Harmony with Nature', various programs that were presented, reflected it beautifully.
The program began sharp at 4 pm with the Students' Council marching across the length of the track and moving briskly in military formation towards the Guest of Honour, Dr. Tapan Das, Supervisor and Head of Physical Education Department, to whom, the Junior School Sports Secretary, Advika Nair, handed over, the lighted torch, 'Flames of Fire'. The Guest of Honor, then leaded the ceremony towards, the Oath Taking.
This was further followed by the Yoga performance called 'The Eternal Bliss', different Track Events, such as, 50 meters dash, the hurdles dash, the basketball dribbling competition, the Relay race and the Hoop Hop Race and an exemplary aerobics performance called 'Dance to the Rhythm'. The Finale, 'The Elements of Life (Nature's Elements), where the six elements of Nature namely: Air, Water, Surya, Earth, Fire and Sky, were so wonderfully presented by the girls of Grade III and IV. The ground came alive with beautiful colors of blue, red, yellow and purple, and many more.

Nithiyasri Srinivasan, of grade 4 E, who was declared as the Champion of the event, by bagging 2 Gold medals for Running and Hurdles Races and a Silver medal for Relay Race, could not contain her excitement, said "This is the second time I'm winning the Championship Trophy and I am extremely delighted. I owe my success to the support given by my mother, who constantly kept encouraging me to work hard and be confident." The Runner – Up Trophy was won by Sherin Mathew of grade 3K.

Mrs Roopa Saha, the dance teacher was greatly pleased by the performances of her students and said, "I'm very happy with our students' performance." While Mrs Mary Vasantha the PE Teacher shared her pleasure as she said, "The students displayed tremendous enthusiasm individually as well as a team." Most delighted was Mrs Rekha Nandan, The Supervisor of grades 3 and 4 Girls' Section, as the event was a huge success.
- Written by Advika Narayan Iyer, Young Reporter of Light House.