IHS Introduces Three Novel Vocational Courses!
IHS is known for being the first of firsts in brining novel ideas to education and learning technologies, addition of 3 new subjects is just one of the few.

When the rest of the world takes one step at a time, the Indian High School bolts forward by leaps and bounds, further proving its excellence in academics. One manifestation of the school's progress is the introduction of three new subjects - Civil Engineering in the Science stream, Mass Media Studies & Mass Media Production (MMS & MMP) and Retail in the Commerce stream - for grade 11 students from the academic year 2014-15. These subjects have never been introduced before in the Gulf at high school level, making IHS the first school to do so. This commendable initiative clinched the school a certificate from the Central Board of Secondary Education declaring it one of 'CBSE's New Generation Schools'.

The CEO of the Indian High School, Mr. Ashok Kumar, elucidated on the vocational courses being introduced, saying, "Vocational courses are the need of the hour. We need to empower today's youth to become responsible and independent adults of tomorrow. Vocational skills enable students to bridge the gap between educational practices and real life application of the subject."

The response from grades 10 to 12 students to the expansion of the number of subjects that will be offered to the next batch of grade 11 was largely positive (albeit envious in the case of grades 11 and 12) and thoroughly welcomed. Zubah Mazood, a grade 11 student, said, "It is a very praiseworthy initiative taken by the school. Including such subjects as a part of high school will give students a better idea of higher education opportunities." Kritika Kanjani reflected on another benefit, saying, "Students get a chance to explore new subjects and fields and specialize in them in the future."

However, Krisha Aswani, a grade 10 student, expressed her inclination to the existing options as opposed to the new ones, citing, "I prefer choosing subjects that were made available to the previous batches as I feel the teachers would be much more adept and experienced, having taught the subject for many years."

Mrs. Anna Jessy John, senior Chemistry teacher and former IHS student, was all praise for the venture and said, "This brilliant idea will make our students global citizens and while pursuing higher studies, they will have an edge over other graduates." She also mentioned that career choices available to today's generation have evolved profusely from the time they were in school, stating, "Career choices have multiplied exponentially over the years. However, now a fancy degree is not enough for you to secure a job. The 21st century requires many more abilities such as communication skills, a well-rounded personality, collaboration and ability to adapt to different environments."

Maryam Syed, a grade 12 student on the verge of passing out of school, says, "I know that many of my batch-mates would have chosen one of the newly introduced subjects had the option existed two years ago, but undoubtedly, it is a boon to the next batch as they will have a strong base of the subject they want to pursue."

A common suggestion from students was voiced by Aishwarya Vinny, who said, "I strongly feel that subjects relating to Commerce should be introduced in lower classes since students have no clue what to expect when they opt for Commerce in grade 11." Another student, Sanjana Nayak, opined, "Students should be allowed to choose subjects from across different streams, thus not being confined to any particular stream."

Suggestions for subjects that IHS could offer to senior students in future included Journalism, Graphics & Animation, Philosophy and Anthropology. In a poll conducted among 47 students, 29 preferred MMS & MMP, 11 favoured Civil Engineering and 7 singled out Retail.

Mrs. Rahat Sultana, senior Engineering Graphics teacher, commented on the introduction of Civil Engineering, saying, "This course has been introduced keeping in mind employment opportunities and activity profile of vocational students in Civil Engineering technology."

Grade 11 students enthusiastically stepped forward to give advice to tenth-graders who are contemplating which stream to select, with the advice given by Sneha Jay being, "Choosing subjects that 'you' like is crucial because it will land you a job that you love to do rather than one you only chose because somebody told you to, because then you're living their dream, not yours." Sanjana Nayak says, "If you're unsure of what you want to do, definitely opt for Maths, because an alarming number of colleges want it to be a part of your +2 education."

Students can now avail the best option for them and aim to thrive in their field.
- Written by Amal Anwar Yousuf, Senior Reporter of Light House.