IHS Celebrates Republic Day in Patriotic Fervour!


26th January, 2013, saw thousands of Indians, donned in traditional clothes present at the Indian High School’s senior campus, to celebrate the 64th Republic Day of India. The school presented a patriotic gala, revolving around the theme of PariveshBachao, PariveshBadlo, PariveshBanao.

The Republic Day celebrations at IHS, had many dignitaries and VIP’s from across UAE to see the wonderful show put up by the staff and students. The hon’able Consul General of India Mr. Sanjay Verma and hon’able Counsel (Labour) & Head of Chancery, Mr. M.P. Singh were present at the venue, to extend their heartfelt wishes. Also present were our hon’able Chairman, Mr. L.M. Pancholia, hon’able Vice Chairman, Mr. Sunil Singh among other hon’able members of the management committee of the school.

On asking H.E. Mr. Sanjay Verma, India’s (CG) to the UAE, what he felt towards the Indian Republic Day at IHS, he mentioned, In our country, there are Vedas, Shastras and a lot of other books. But as a citizen, there cannot be a bigger book than the constitution.” He further quoted the President of India, Dr.Pranab Mukherjee’s message to the nation, “Be proud of where you come from and where you are going to be” a statement that encouraged the students gathered, to learn about the finer aspects of the Indian Constitution.

In congruence with our theme, when asked about the cogency of the constitution in pursuance to social justice, he said, “The constitution of India is quite dynamic and, social justice is already present in the Preamble of the Constitution. However, social justice has to first exist within us to exist in the nation/constitution.”

The event started by hoisting of the Indian National Flag by H.E. Mr. Sanjay Verma, the India's Consul General (CG) to the UAE. As the Indian flag unfurled to the tune of the National Anthem, it left the audiences in blissful patriotic fervour and high spirits.

Soon after the National Anthem, a parade consisting of 135 students, school teachers and school alumni, marched across the grounds. The peons, security guards and other members of the school, which the school proudly calls ‘chachas’, were also a part of the parade.


A separate contingent of children with special needs from the humanitarian organisation, the Special Needs Family Children Development Centre, walked in the march past along with the other students and staff of the Indian High School. The parade also had a squad for the stalwarts of IHS in academics and sports. Indeed IHS was the place to find the perfect cultural synergy that was more electrifying between the audience and the performers.

Hundreds of students of Indian High School Dubai’s junior and senior campuses and the kindergarten children of the International Indian High School in Silicon Oasis presented colourful and synchronised performances. A sense of myriad euphoria filled the venue as pupils dressed in traditional outfits along with their parents and a large number of invited members of the community watched many well-choreographed dance performances. A flash mob titled “Jago India” was also among the highlights. However, some of the dance performances also highlighted and raised calls for gender equality in India as the rate of crime against women, with the whopping increase recently.

Later, commenting on the theme of the event, Save the Environment –Natural, Social and Moral, Chairman of the Indian High School Dr. L.M. Pancholia said, “We should preserve and use the environment wisely. It is important to nurture our ecological environment as well. While natural resources can be obtained by space mining, moral values come from inside.” He even mentioned that the celebrations at IHS were in parity with Rajpath of Delhi in spirit, sentiment and structure. When asked about his personal advice to the youth, he emphatically mentioned, “Never forget your janmabhumi (India), never forget your karmabhumi (Dubai), and never forget your Indian roots.”

Furthermore, the zeal was even noticed in Indians living in UAE as a parent coming all the way from Abu Dhabi shared her sentiments, “I feel really proud to be an Indian. Indeed, we should every year, observe our Republic Day with all sincerity on the 26th January.”

Another parent, whose little daughter was a part of the dance troupe performing, said in patriotic fervour, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.If we do not be vigilant of our Constitution we will lose our true freedom. I really want my kids to become young and responsible citizens of India.

Moving further with the celebrations and to contribute towards a greener environment, a traditional tree planting ceremony was also held. It not only showcased a pressing need for a sustainable environment but also its conservation for the future generation.

Among other attractions, there were stalls set up by the members of the Duke of Edinburgh Club where visitors could enjoy a wide variety of games and challenges. The food stalls were set up not only to offer delicacies, the proceedings of which went for charity.

The programme concluded with a mini dance party and a birthday song for the republic day event co-ordinator, Mrs.LatikaNarain, the supervisor of Grade 11 and 12 girls. She concluded the programme by stating, “I love India and I love IHS.” It was truly, a crisp, beautiful and charming way to end a gala.


-          Written by Tushar Gupta as a special contributor for  Light House