Quiz On… IHS!



The Indian High School (IHS) community seems to be on a quizzing high. The esteemed quiz club of the school reports that over the last few years, IHS has been consistently achieving the top ranks in almost every quiz they participated in.

The success rate in quizzes started with a quiz organized by the Tata Consultancy Services of Information Technology, where ArpitRaorane and Manas George, both studying in the 11th grade, bagged the first prize to win an iPad each. Later in May, GouthamLakshminarayanan, Manas George and ArvindmaniSatyanarayan reached the finals of the Olympic Quiz, to win the fifth position, narrowly missing out on prize of BlackBerry phones.

After the above incident, Nikhil Joseph, Manas George, Anne Joshy and Sahana Roy, all from the 11th grade, participated in the MES Master Brain quiz, which in great stead made them win the 2nd prize and laptops.

Furthermore, the history begins to be written as out of 150 participants, IHS was represented by 33 students at the Brain O' Bee quiz, held at the Manipal University, Dubai. Out of these 150 students, Shruthi Suresh and AishwaryaJha 12th graders of IHS stood 1st and 4th, respectively, winning grand trophies. In addition, Shruthi also won a trip to South Africa to take part in the World Finals.

Moving further, after the summer break last year, Manas George, Sahana Roy and ArvindmaniSatyanarayan brought laurels to the school by winning the Shaastra Quiz at the Delhi Private School, Sharjah. Then trio not only stood first but also got an opportunity to participate in the All India-UAE finals at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai. Yet again, they returned victorious after being placed Second there.

Moreover, the another competition called the Puzzle Champ was held at the Manipal University, of Dubai, where Manas George achieved the first place, solo.

The legacy continues with the Core BIT Fest exclusively for 12th graders, at the Birla Institute of Technology, Ras Al Khaimah, Hanumanth Kumar, Ajay Kamath and Rajesh Suresh, all Science students, obtained the first position in the Science Quiz. Vaikom Ganesh, Sumit Bhatia and MuskanChandwani, all Commerce students, won the 3rd position in the Business Quiz.

IHS also had a team participating in the General Quiz, comprising of RevathiTiwari from Arts, Abhishek Mehta and KanchanKhemani both from Commerce. IHS got the overall trophy for the best school. Later, Manas George and GouthamLakshminarayanan were placed 2nd and 4th, respectively, at the BrainBuster quiz organized by Quiz, Dubai. At the All-Round Quizzing Championship held at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at IHS, the team from IHS, comprising two 11th graders, Manas George and Nikhil Joseph, and two 10th graders, ZubahMazood and Nikitha Vincent, bagged the first prize. Then, at the Brain Hunt held at the Sharjah Indian Association Community Hall, Manas George and Brandon Rodrigues, both 11th graders, won the 2nd position and the Prize Distribution was held in the Armani Ballroom at BurjKhalifa.

The quizzing champ of IHS, Manas George, who has participated in almost all quizzes of IHS, says, “Each quiz I participated in had a unique experience to offer. Winning is not mandatory, but it definitely adds a good flavour.”

The year 2013 came to start the new year, Tanish Jain and KarthikrajaGanesan, from the 9th and 8th grade, respectively, qualified for the semifinals of the televised Babyshop Star Quiz at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, IHS, Dubai. Later, GouthamLakshminarayanan and Manas George came 4th in the CETA quiz held at the Indian Academy School, Muhaisnah.

Mrs. Rosy George, Quiz Coordinator for IHS, proudly said, “The Quiz Club is at the top of the ladder in our school. These results leave no space for doubt that quizzers are indeed not a dying breed in IHS.”


-         Written by ArvindmaniSatyanarayan, also a participant in some of the quizzes