Working with Technology through Tech Fest and more…



Indian High School hosted its first ever TechFest in the history of the school, on 11th December, 2012 for the grades 11 and 12, boys section. Organised under the leadership of Mrs.Malini Vincent, Mr. Abraham Manohar and Mrs.MalathyMansingh, this festival for technology was a huge success with active participation from the students as well as teachers.

It was a full day event held in the school auditorium which began with the IT quiz hosted by Nikhil Joseph. A group of grade X students surprisingly stunned the audience by clinching victory over the seniors. This was followed by programming and gaming competitions, which saw a very enthusiastic response. Parallel to these were the exhibits and stalls put up in the sports complex by some of the students of grade XI and XII.

The headmaster Mr. Abraham Manohar said, “The stalls were very well set up and it was educational. I took part in one of the games where I first got a very low score but I played till I perfected it. It was very interesting.”

The gaming competitions involved the popular football game FIFA 13, the arcade racing game Blur and Counterstrike. Along with the gaming competitions the auditorium also accommodated the F1 in Schools race track, where the students captivated themselves in some thrilling racing. Commenting on the idea and stating further about the role of technology in school, Supervisor of Technology, and F1 in schools coordinator Mrs.MalathyMansingh stated, “F1 in schools is just a step into technology in our curriculum. In the future we could probably bring in robotics and use technology in learning practices as well

With series of games and sporting events, the day came to an end with many joyful cash-prize winners, making it a very memorable day for all, indeed. The counterstrike competition was won by team LSD while the FIFA 13 competition was won by Sachin Janjani. The programming competition was won by Chris Vincent.

Seeing the success of the event, the Headmaster stated, “The students maintained a good discipline throughout the event. They took part as a team. I also appreciate the teachers and the students who met me many times regarding the event.” Wishing that this event served everyone well and expressed his desire to conduct the event every year, he further mentioned, “This event brought out not just the gaming skills or knowledge but also other aspects like management skills and creativity

Furthermore, Mrs.MalathyMansingh also shared her vision of introducing the Tech-week. “This time we saw the desire in the younger students to also participate. So, in the near future, we could hold small and simple competitions based on designing skills, typing speed or research skills. Maybe call it a Tech-week.” She also expressed her desire to involve all the students in such activities. “Not just the computer or engineering students. Biology students could do wonders with biotechnology. Setting up a greenhouse in the school is one of my dreams.”

Additionally, Mrs.Mansingh stated that competitions for photography and communications training opportunities should be provided to the students. She hopes that next year, taking a step forward, Tech Week could be conducted.



-          Written by HariAnatharaman, one of the participant at the Tech Fest, 2012