IHS students display their Madness for Ads!
It's a mad world when it comes to ads, which was proved by the grade 11 and 12 students of Indian High School as they showcased their creativity at the Ad Mad contest.

Held on 2nd October, 2012 at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, students combined creativity with a tint of humour as students produced ads on inventive products like a portable toilet, ironing cum washing machine etc. Initiated by Mrs. Kanta Bhatia and was organised by the students, many took part in the competition.

The three judges Mrs. Aparna Srivastava, senior English teacher, Mrs. Raji Ramesh, senior economics teacher and Mrs. Girija, senior business teacher, were enthralled to see the amazing ads that were put forward by the students. On a lighter note, the teachers even had to put on their thinking caps to choose the winners.

With innovative ideas and brilliant gags, the students too had fun, Nikita Egbert a participant detailed her experience and her ad, "Ours was the ironing cum washing machine idea. Basically, the motive behind the IRON MAC was to reduce some of the laborious tasks, as in this case, ironing, which is placed as burden on the shoulders of the ladies of the house especially mothers."

Furthermore, talking to another ad enthusiast, Lorraine D'souza, another active participant, stated, "The gummy glue just highlights the importance of glue in our lives especially when in a relation! (Laughs) However, the girls have done an excellent job. I would like to extend my special thanks to the student council without them; the event would not have been possible."

Even the teachers could not hold back their praise and appreciation of the event. "Brainstorming ideas, thinking about design processes and using persuasive language are some of the skills students have used in this real life contest. It was a great competition and not only the students but also we teachers enjoyed thoroughly." commented Mrs. Susan Thomas, senior physics teacher.

As the brilliant show came to an end, the The first position in the 11th standard category was awarded to Commerce A for their wonderful' reincarnation' of the Feviquick glue and 11 Commerce C for their Nirma Doodh, a potion that promises glowing skin. While the first position in the 12th standard category was awarded to 12 Commerce C, for a mouthwash that commemorated the enmity between Gabbar and Thakur in Sholay and gave the audience a hearty laugh.

"A wonderful and vibrant show put on by the students. Immense hardwork and creativity, it's amazing!" said, Mrs. Anu Thomas, senior physics teacher, and active supporter of ads. "As a part of the audience, I too did not feel left out. The wonderful ideas got me so engrossed. The girls have done an excellent job out there." commented Richa Madhu, an ad enthusiast.

In a congratulatory note from Mrs. Latika Narain, supervisor of grade 11 and 12 girls, she mentioned that she respected the true spirit possessed by those who could not make it to the prize and have put up a grand show.

-Rochelle Mendonca