Against Smoking!

The students of Indian High School along with the Indian International School ran a campaign on anti-smoking, on 30th of May, 2013, at Deira City Centre. It was an attempt by the students to raise awareness to the people that smoking is very injurious to health. The aim of this campaign is not only to stop smoking it is also to create a cleaner.

The people were asked to give comments about what they think about anti-smoking. There was a good response from the people, they gave interesting comments like "1 cigarette = - 15 minutes of their life".

It is really essential to let people know about anti-smoking. Commenting on the same, Dhairya, a student of IIS present at the campaign said, "I hope that through this campaign, people should understand the disadvantage of cigarette smoking."

We are very happy that we had this campaign because, because of his campaign many people got to know about the disadvantage of smoking.

The following was projected by the students:
  • Now a days smoking is a style
  • There is something called second-hand smoking it is caused when a person who is standing next to you is smoking the ash that is given out contain many toxin .
  • A gas called carbon monoxide is there in tobacco , this gas is so dangerous that if someone inhales it he can turn into comma stage or die
  • The tar that in used in making road is there in tobacco
  • It can cause many disease such as cancer
  • 90% of the world's lung cancer patients are smokers
Tobacco is not only consumed by smoking but it is also in many other ways, it is also eaten raw.
- Written by Pooja Vinod and Anandajith Jinesh young reporters for Light House.