Environment Day Celebrations at IIS
IIS spreads awareness on saving our environment through several activities...

On 5th June, 2013, Indian International School (IIS), students celebrated the World Environment Day. It was celebrated to spread awareness about the environment and help in saving our environment.

Students and teachers of almost all the grades took part in this day's activities, making it a success.

Students were involved in several activities that led them to understand different ways by which they can harm the environment and how they can save it.

Students understood one essential thing, the five R's that are crucial in environment conservation, these are - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish and Rethink.

One of the teachers present at the environment day programme shared his views on the subject, he said, "the performance of the students was very good and I am sure that the student's will start using the five R's."
- Written By Dhruv R. Chaturvedi, our young reporter for Light House.