Charity Drive with Mexican Wraps
Duke of Edinburgh Students organise a charity drive by selling Mexican wraps...

The Duke of Edinburgh of Indian High School, Dubai, held a Charity Drive on 23rd May, 2013 in campus. This event was organised for the 7th and 8th girls section, wherein students were selling vegetable wraps to students in the Rashid Block. This event was held towards the social service section of the club.

The girls made Mexican Veggie Wraps, which included a lot of healthy vegetables with slight addition of garlic paste for the authentic 'Mexican touch'. On the day of the event, the members gathered an hour before recess to make the wraps. It was a chain of girls where one fills, one wraps and one covers it professionally in butter paper. Each wrap was sold for 3 aed. This whole event was financed by the members of the Duke Club.

The effort of working together taught students the values of team work and coordination. They aimed at getting maximum profit as these proceeds were given away for charity.

Commenting on the role of Duke of Edinburg (DoE) and the Charity Drive Mrs. Anita Mehra, coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh says, "The Duke of Edinburgh was founded with the motive to create global citizens, bring social empowerment through work and action. The main highlight of this program is that there is no competition among each other, only opportunities to better themselves as individuals. The aim of this charity drive was social service, to give back to the community ultimately leading to attainment, achievement and progress."

"Over 300 wraps were sold in 10 minutes during the drive, which was a new record even by their standards, with all the proceeds going to charity." As claimed by Mrs. Mehra. Students gathered in huge numbers, leading the volunteers to be on their toes.

Speaking about the experience and observation at the DoE, Charity Drive, Tania Gurdasani, DoE coordinator commented, "Overall it was a wonderful experience. It was my very first duke event and it really was successful". Further she also stated that she was really glad to see that the wraps were sold off really quickly. She hopes more such events will be conducted in the future.

The DoE members garnered quite a positive response from their customers that day, which some members say has helped them in boosting their self-esteem as well. Commenting on the same, Nikitha Margaret Vincent an 11th grader and member of this program commented that "It was a rare experience; it helped people to unlock their potential and find out different skills about themselves which they may not have been known about. She jokingly remarked that, "A lot of people have not stepped in in the kitchen for a long time, so this was a better chance of acquainting themselves with it."

Arushee Wahi another 11th Grader said, "The best part of the charity drive was the feeling of satisfaction that was gained as there are not many opportunities like this, and it taught us teamwork, coordination along with multitasking among many other values. It feels good to be helpful to the society."
- Written by Emee J. Mathew and Rachita Shah, member of the Editorial Board and Senior Reporter for Light House, respectively.