Educative Visit to Marmum
Students of IIS visit the Marmum dairy of Dubai to learn about the process of getting milk products and understand it better...

On, 9th of May 2013, the students of Indian International School, IIS, went to the Marmum Dairy farm of Dubai. Students got an opportunity to learn about the various processes that go behind the preparation of dairy products and be more knowledgeable in this realm.

Marmum Dairy has imported 175 high-quality heifers from Australia, bringing its total herd strength to 3,500, of which 2000 are milch cows. The new import is expected to boost the company's annual milk production by 1.8 million litres."With demand for high-quality dairy products in the UAE expected to go up considerably during the summer, Marmum is moving quickly to boost its production rate in order to adequately respond to market requirements." said S R K Raju, General Manager of Marmum Dairy Farm.

Marmum Dairy Farm, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments and a leading player in the UAE dairy industry, is gearing up to meet the expected spike in demand for milk and milk products during the summer by ramping up herd numbers at its dairy farm in beginning of March. Production is fully automated; from the milking stage through bottling, the entire production process is carried out in a closed environment with no human intervention whatsoever, so that consumer scan be assured of the safety and quality of the products reaching them.

As students of IIS reached the dairy to explore the facets, each one was handed over a cap and taken upstairs for some refreshing drinks. The students were an interesting presentation about cows, who provide us with milk and how to take care of them. An animal doctor was also present during the presentation to answer the questions posed by the students. After this the students were given flavored yogurt, prepared at Marmum and some tasty toppings to go with it.

Furthermore, the students witnessed the cow milking procedure. The milk was taken to the factory to make dairy products. Eventually, the students got an opportunity to feed the calf. A few students went ahead to feed it little calf and also clicked pictures with it. Students gained information about the dairy farm and also had firsthand experience of the activities.
- Written by Maham Abrar Sharif and Aakash Menon, Young Reporter for Light House.