World Earth Day Celebrations at IHS
Organised by the members of the Environment Club, students celebrated World Earth Day to instil the love for our planet and helping the environment

The World Earth Day 2013 was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Indian High School (IHS) by 6 to 10 Grade boys, on 22nd April. It was organised by the members of the Environment Club for spreading awareness about the earth, about preserving the nature and to instil the love for the environment among the students of the school.

Various events and activities were held for the students to mark the Earth Day celebrations. Students of the 10th grade formed the words "EARTH DAY 2013" by standing on the school field. A drawing competition was held for the students of grades 5 & 6 on the International Theme for the Earth Day 2013, The Face of Climate Change.' A photography competition titled 'Best Nature Picture' was also held for the boys of grades 9 & 10.

Mr. N. S. Fernando, the Coordinator of the Environment Club (Boys section), primarily organised the environment day celebrations, on asking him about the details of the event, he said, "The Earth Day was held by the boys of the Environment Club to instil in the students a love for nature by getting involved in the programme. The Earth Day was celebrated to make students become responsible and accountable to what is done and to spread awareness among the students, so that they can carry the message forward to the community."

A programme for the Earth Day on the theme 'The Face of Climate Change' was also held in the school auditorium. Rean Fernandes, the Captain of the Environment Club (Boys), said, "We practised for weeks to bring this programme together. A lot of hard work was put in by the students of the Environment Club to organise the Earth Day in I.H.S." The audience thoroughly enjoyed the Earth Day programme held in the auditorium. The boys of grades 5 & 6 also had a separate programme for their section in the auditorium earlier.

Students took active participation is forming the words "EARTH DAY 2013" on the school ground to spread awareness about this occasion. Rohan G. Bageria, the Vice Captain of the Environment Club (Boys), said, "We wanted to spread awareness about issues like Global Warming which affect our planet through this event". Mohammed Hasnain, a student of the 10th grade who participated in this event, remarked, "This was an interesting way to spread awareness about the Earth Day in the school. We really enjoyed doing it."

The students of all sections took active participation in all the events held on the Earth Day. The Earth Day 2013 celebrations in I.H.S. were indeed a great success.
- Written by Tanish Jain, Junior Reporter for Light House