F1 in Schools a Different Way to Learn!
An exploration of F1 in Schools, through the eyes of the winning team Adroit Infinitum.

Initiated at the Indian High School, (IHS), Dubai, in 2005, F1 in Schools is a prestigious program, with several benefits towards the future of the participants. This year, F1 in Schools team, Adroit Infinitum won the UAE Nationals at Yas Marina, Circuit, Abu Dhabi. The teams are excelling now bound to Austin, Texas, USA, for the World Finals.

F1 in Schools at IHS is controlled by Mrs. Malathy Mansingh, F1 in Schools Coordinator and Supervisor, Department of Technology. It is not only about speed and the adrenaline rush, F1 in Schools is a STEM based learning model, where students function as a team with different roles and responsibilities. From Team leader, to marketing manager, to Design Engineer, students work together towards a single thing.

F1 in Schools though is a educative venture, it still is an extra-curricular activity. Students often are found balancing their academics with it quite well. Commenting on the same, Dhruv Kapoor, Design Engineer of the winning team Adroit Infinitum says, "The biggest hurdle that the team faced was balancing F1 with studies. This was quite a daunting task due to the fact that most of us are in 12th, but we faced the situation by creating timelines and schedules to balance our work and studies simultaneously, managing to pull it off."

What happens behind the scenes is known to a few. However, it has touched a student's life in various ways at different levels, mentioning the same, Kapoor further states, "Being a part of F1 in Schools has taught me to implement my learning into the real world. It's given me an opportunity to step out from a simple book learning to actually learn by doing. Being the design engineer, I have to work with the aerodynamics of the car, and this actually tests my knowledge, and when we do the research for the car, we learn new and extra thing that's we normally don't learn in textbooks and apart from that, it's really helped improve my vocal skills and overall personality when interacting with people."

Another team member, Mohammed Nassif, Marketing Manager of team Adroit Infinitum, comments on his success at F1 in Schools National Championship and where it leads to. "It has given me an opportunity to learn much. It helps in working with new people and in different environments. We've contributed quite in this medium as well, there were times before the UAE National Finals that we have stayed up all night due to the remaining work. I've been three different teams for three different years, each one has led to some good experience."

Every task is requires some effort and hard work for it to be successfully accomplished. Adroit Infinitum's win at the UAE National Championship is a product of their concerted effort towards the venture. Consecutively, since for two years, IHS students have been qualifying for the world finals, making their mark at F1 in Schools.

For the future teams at IHS, Mrs. Malthy Mansingh, "It is important to concentrate on project management, explore, research and spend at least an hour every day, for planning. Record achievements, gain information and tips from other teams that have already participated. At F1 in Schools, it is crucial to remember that team always comes first, one weakling in the team can bring down the entire team, members should be careful in choosing the teams."

Mrs. Mansingh strives to ensure that students are motivated and have their back covered. She further states, "F1 in Schools teaches many things, it is also life skills, as it has emotional content to it and develops ICT skills, all of which are essential in 21st century."
- Written by Soorya Srinivasan, Senior Reporter for Light House.