Training Future Environmentalists
Five senior students of IHS attended a workshop organised by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) on 17th October, 2012.

Held at the Rashid Block of the school, boys section, the workshop aimed to offer the students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and sharpen environmental skills. The agenda set for the workshop was 'sustainable development'.

The session started with a recitation from the Holy Quran and the addresses of the school Principal Mr. Glynn Kilsby, the principal of the school and the EEG chairperson, Ms. Habiba Al Mar'ashi. After the recitation the session started with Ms. Mar’ashi’s talk on my climate, my responsibility.

In the presence of prominent figures in the sphere of environment, speeches were much anticipated by the students. Dr. Sean Khreisat, a professor from Jordan, Mr. Khamees Raddad, member of the National Bureau of Statistics and Mr. Samir El Sayyed, of Frigoglass, laid emphasis on different aspects of environment, change and responsibility.

Proceeding with the session, Dr. Khreisat elucidated the impact of sudden climatic changes and why it is time to combat it now. His views were further strengthened by Mr. Raddad who gave figures and numbers about the consumption and wastage of energy in the U.A.E. these sessions were followed by an important feature of environment conservation: recycling. The Dubai based company Frigoglass, explained the need for glass to be recycled and the different innovative processes involved in it.

We have all heard of the age old adage: ‘Water, water, everywhere, not a single drop to drink’ this leads us to definitely understand the proposition of water conservation. 'Every drop matters', was the same proposition that an engineers from DEWA and Metito, Mr. Sultan al Zaabi and Mr. Basses Halabi, respectively, spoke about. While Mr. Sultan enlightened the students on the breakthrough of U.A.E, in the terms of water conservation, Mr. Basses illuminated on a new concept of making sewage water potable.

The workshop there was fun filled, with interactive sessions. The students produced their own campaigns to save the environment at an individual level as well. Anne Joshy, one of the participants felt that the workshop had a lot more to offer than the usual speech on saving the environment. “Things like recycling glass and sewage water treatment to make it potable are new things that I learnt. I am really surprised at the kind of technological advances made every day." It was not only Anne but also other students form other schools have enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. "At first I thought that it will be a couple of speeches about the environment “commented a students from another school, "but after attending the activities and hearing the interesting things, I was really glad that I had attended it."

The program concluded with Ms. Habiba's closing speech. She said, she was personally worried about the present generation but firmly believes that a change can be made. She feels that however ignorant a hundred or so maybe, there are always two or three people trying to make the impact.

-Emee J. Mathhew