The Grand Investiture Ceremony
IHS Junior Students received their roles and responsibilities during the investiture ceremony.

The Investiture Ceremony for the 2013-2014 for the Junior School, was held on the 22nd May 2013, Wednesday, at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium of the Senior School campus. The word Investiture means to 'handover' or to 'award'. During the ceremony the Student Council members are handed over the badges and the sashes by the Principle, chief guest and supervisors.

Every year, the Student Council members are selected, among the students of Grade III and Grade IV. These Council members comprise around 80, and it starts from Head Boy, Head Girl, goes on to their respective assistants, the Sports Secretary, the Cultural Secretary, Secretary-Green Patrol, Council Secretary, followed by assistant student council. Also, every house has a captain and an assistant captain, for each of four such houses, and all these students are also part of the Student Council. The Student Council is formed and is operational every year, so that these representatives of the students can go ahead and solve the various issues of the students, and also interact with the school administration, the Supervisor and the Principal, wherever required.

The preparations for the Investiture Ceremony began in earnest many days before the actual day of the Ceremony. Each student council members were coached personally by the teachers, as to how we should stand, should stand in attention, manners we should display on the stage, and how we should conduct ourselves during the Ceremony.

Melrita Syriac, the Head Girl of Junior School and Meghna, the Council Secretary, were asked how they felt about the Investiture program. Melrita commented, "I felt nervous, but at the same time I was feeling proud about being appointed as the Head Girl." However, Meghna stated that, "I was a bit nervous but still was very confident about the whole thing."

The Head Boy, Shiven Singh said, "This honour has propelled me to achieve new heights and aspires to create an awakening that is responsible, self-critical, free of illusion and positive." With pride and a sense of achievement, the students listened to Mrs. Geeta Pabreja, Principal of IHS Junior School, deliver a motivational speech. She stressed on the importance of honesty, humbleness and to take pride but not be proud of the position bestowed on us.

Our respected Chief Guest, Ms. Ruth Berke, principal of Jumeirah English Speaking School. She was ushered in by the school band team. The Chief Guest was then escorted to the lamp lighting ceremony. She congratulated the student council members whole heartedly and delivered an inspirational speech on being true leaders and how should one accomplish duties in the correct stride.

The Investiture program started off with the recitation of the Quran verses. Then the council members were awarded with the respective badges to starting with the Head Boy, the Assistant Head boy, followed by the head Girl, the Assistant Head Girl, and so on. Once the Investiture ceremony was over, Dr.Tapan Das Sir presided the oath taking ceremony. Ceremony concluded with the school choir’s rendition of "Hum Honge Kamyab" and with the rendering of the UAE National Anthem and the Indian National Anthem.
- Written by Advika Narayan Iyer, young reporter for Light House.