Boys Go Green as They Celebrate WED!
IHS boys of grade 9&10 celebrate the World Environment Day (WED) with Zeal and Enthusiasm to spread awareness.

It is the customary practice of IHS, that every year the environment club (Boys section) celebrate the World Environment Day. This year too they joined the World and UN on 5th June, 2013, to celebrate the World Environment Day with its theme- "Think, Eat, Save". The motive was to truly inspire and encourage the students to be aware of the theme and implement its spirit at home, school and other places, wherever applicable.

The world has been celebrating the World Environment Day since 1972 onwards getting people acquainted of the current economic, environmental and social situations and take on corrective and constructive measures through awareness activities on climate change, pollution, waste energy, biodiversity, sustainable development, etc.

The Environment club members felt proud to disseminate the message through their environmental education and entertainment show held at the Sheikh Rashid auditorium further on, till 9th June, 2013. In the program, the students had put up various items such as song, skit, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, etc.

Mr. Fernando, the head in charge of the Environment club said, "When the youth are inspired and engaged in environmental activities, they energize the public very positively." Indeed, everybody at the end of the day felt that they were mesmerised by the show.

The programme met the objectives of the Environment Club and the theme of the World Environment Day as well.
- Written by Tej Pranav Bhati, Junior Staff Reporter.