The Photography Fever at IHS
Students of IHS indulge in a Workshop to be the Efficient Shutter Bugs!

From 11th May to 1st June, 2013, the students of Indian High School, (IHS) Dubai got an opportunity to be a part of a Photography Workshop. Open to students of Grade 10-12 the Workshop was organised by the Department of Fashion Studies to hone the creative eye of IHS students. It was led by Mr. Iftikhar Khan, an NIFT graduate in Fashion Designing who has an eye for creative photography.

23 students of IHS participated in the workshop, with a minimal fee of Dhs. 300. Students were not only taught several photography techniques but they were also taught how to functionally operate the DSLR camera.

From point and shoot cameras to functions of DSLR, to the relevance of different modes in the camera. After learning the basics of the camera, Resham Sharma, an 11th Grade student said, "The experience was unique. I can definitely hold the camera now with more confidence and say that with every picture I take henceforth. I'm sure it will be a good one."

Each feature, through which a camera could be operated, was touched upon. Students were also educated on the concepts of aperture, ISO and shutter speed and how each one affects photography.

Speaking about the photography session, Mr. Iftikhar Khan said, "The workshop was a success and with the suggestions of many students, I am pursuing to establish a 'Photography Club' at IHS." He plans on bringing together photography enthusiasts via the Photography Club, with a studio setup in the fashion studies lab.

During the session, students were also taught basic editing software, like Adobe Lightroom and Portrait Professional, and were also shown how to develop a well-presented portfolio.

The addition of the Photography Club to various other clubs at IHS will undoubtedly be another feather in the cap.
- Written by Sanskriti Naik, Senior Reporter for Light House.