Let's Read Aloud!
Students participated in the read aloud competition to showcase their talent in reading.

On 30th May, 2013, group read aloud competition was held for the students of grade 4. This enabled students to showcase their talents in reading, public speaking and coordination with other members of the group. It was a platform for the students to learn and improve.

Practice was in full swing from the time the stories were allotted to each class. The joy of been on stage along with your class was indeed a unique experience. Every group practiced with zest and zeal. Teachers are trying hard to enable us with the right expression, pronunciation and voice modulation. The main criterion was a good team spirit.

The winners were declared the day itself. Each class put in their best foot forward but in a competition there can be only limited number of winners. The judges were impressed by the reading of the students and gave guidelines and tips to the students based on how to read in front of a public gathering. The students were enlightened by our judge's guidance and surely, they will implement in their life.

More than just winning there is something else more important i.e. participation. Our supervisor encouraged the students by stating, "Participation is more important, to come up on stage and perform is itself a mark of a winner. Participation always matters as it helps the contestants to improve and learn new things as there is always room for improvement."
- Written By Advaith Girish, Young Reporter for Light House.