A Dozen Ways to Cultivate Reading Habit
As a part of its fervent celebrations to mark the world book day, the Indian High School held the 'Dozen Books Challenge'!

To mark the world book day, the Indian High School held the 'Dozen Books Challenge' (DBC) among various other events, which saw enthusiastic participation from students of Grades 5-12. During the challenge, the students were asked to read a dozen books in the period of one month at the end of which, they had to answer a quiz. The winners were awarded with certificates and bookmarks.

Beginning with the registration process in the month of May, the challenge witnessed nearly 500 student participants of which 300 submitted their completed reading list in the first week of June. According to the library, 2 questions were posed to each participant based on their list. If they secured both the points, they would be rewarded with a certificate. All participants would be given a bookmark as a token of appreciation. "Reading has always been a hobby for me, but DBC has made me read a completely new set of books. I think this challenge should be held more regularly, like every month, because it encourages us to read new books. Even my friend, who usually doesn't read much began reading just for this challenge." says Sreya Sathyan, a ninth grade student.

The library reports that Fiction was the most popular genre among students, with most reading popular franchises like The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Diary of the wimpy kid, Harry Potter and many choosing books by Roald Dahl. "I read Two states by Chetan Bhagat, and the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer." states Natasha, a grade 9 student.

The Dozen books challenge is only a part of the assortment of activities that have been actively the hosted by the school library. The other events that were open to students include the 'On the spot quiz competition' held in April, a book fair titled 'For my Book shelf' in May, and a photography contest, for kids to hone their skills with the camera.

Disha from tenth grade, when asked on what she thinks this challenge has achieved in students, responds "DBC interests us, motivates our reading skills, and improves our vocabulary. All in all, it has greatly been encouraging in cultivating the reading habit."
- Written by Keertana Subramani, Senior Reporter for Light House.