Refreshing Sun, Water and Fun!
From the scorching heat of Dubai to the Refreshing Cool Waters of Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi!

Students of 11th Grade went to the Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi, during the first week of June, for their annual picnic this year. This refreshing break enabled students to take a break from their studies a bit and unwind.

A break from studies is often sought after by the students, the experience left them enthralled, as inferred from their responses. Yas Water World is a recently opened, water theme park in Abu Dhabi, on asking one of the students about the experience at the venue, Mohammad Faiz, an 11th Grader shared, "It was such a vast theme park that, I found it hard to go on all the 43 rides! It took my friends and me a lot of time, to decide which ride to go on first. So, without wasting any time, we plunged into the Liwa Loop. The Liwa Loop was the most thrilling experience of the Water theme park."

However, each one had different experiences to share but indeed it seemed they bonded well there. Another 11th Grader, Zainul Abdullah, commented on his visit, "Not only was it the best water park in the UAE without a doubt, but also, it was worth the money. We are guaranteed a clean, safe and fun day out with friends." Certainly that did seem to have happened.

Picnics often have a motive to ensure that students bond with each other and hone team building skills as well. It is a mix of excitement, fun and experiential learning. Adarsh, another 11th Grader, mentioned, "It was a great experience riding on all the extreme rides and the Hanging Roller Coaster. If I had to pick out my personal favourites, it would be The Falcon Falaj and Dawammah."

Commenting on the initiative taken by the School to provide opportunities like this for the students, Karan of 11th Grade said, " The picnic was great fun. We wish to have it once more too. The experience at Yas Water World is a must, and we were lucky enough to be taken to the water park from school. It was a huge space and the fun structure was great. On the while it was perfect.

Some of the best attractions in the Yas Water World were experienced by IHS students.
- Written by Jason Joseph, Senior Reporter for Light House.