Environment Conservation and Safety Awareness Programme
'An entertaining and educative session, on environment conservation and everyday safety rules.'

On 30th September and on 1st November, Indian High School, Dubai, organised an Environment Conservation and Safety awareness programme. With four sessions of one and a half hour each, for the grades, 5-10 (boys and girls) and 11th and 12th girls, comprising of a presentations on general safety and environment sustainability. It was followed by a play on electrical power conservation.

The programme started with a presentation on safety, conducted by the Grade 12, CEO's Think Tank members, comprising Divyendu Kishore, Khushboo Agarwal, Rebecca Cabral, Simran Gurdasani and Swathi Venugopal. It covered off and on campus safety, safety on the school bus as well as safety in general. Various tips were given to the students on how to protect themselves and stay safe. Simran Gurdasani a 12th grader said, "It was a pleasure to see the various age groups of both, girls and boys, receiving the presentation positively. The audience was very enthusiastic and understood the purpose of our presentation on safety."

It was followed by a presentation on environment sustainability presented by the environment coordinator, Mrs. Smitha Zuting, spoke about her role in this programme, "I spoke about why resources are needed, how they are getting depleted and the various issues arising from environment degradation. Many students came forward with ideas and have promised to work for the conservation of the environment." She also presented facts and details on global environmental issues, the ecological footprint, depletion of resources as well as some of the activities in the school to raise awareness on environment conservation such as the clean-up campaign, poster and movie making competitions, green Olympiad and the save energy campaign.

The session concluded with a play based on electricity conservation. In the play Abu Batata is the owner of a large electrical firm who is not keen on conserving energy. The play follows Abu Batata as he finally realises the need for protecting the environment and saving electricity. Shreya Mohan of 11the Grader said, "The play was presented in a humorous and witty way while at the same time delivering the clear message of environmental conservation and sustainability."

The presentations and the play were received well by the audience. Anju Matthew an 11th Grader said, "I came to know about the methods I can use to save our Mother Earth. The presentation on safety enlightened me about the risks I face daily in my surroundings. The play helped me realise the importance of saving electricity presented in an entertaining way." Furthermore, Steffi J. Noronha, an 11th Grader, also an environmental club member, commented on the presentation. She said, "The presentations on safety and environmental conservation were an eye-opener to the problems our environment is facing. There are also some other initiatives taken by the school in protecting the environment such as the campaign to save electrical power as well as the paper recycling drive."

Indeed, the program was a sensational success and was appreciated by both faculty and students. It helped the students know the various ways by which they can contribute to saving the environment.

-Annalie Gracias