IHS Students Gear Up for the Summer Break!
An exploratory feature on what IHS students would prefer doing this Summer Holidays...

The summer holidays or the big break is what an IHS student eagerly waits for. The break commences from the 28th of June and ends on the 31st of August, each student has a good two month for several activities. Each student has a different perspective about spending their vacation and with plans for it.

While there are some who want to spend their holidays at ease, as they relax and unwind, there are some who want to indulge themselves in meaningful activities which engage When we asked Ishan Sen, an 11th Science grade student, about his way to go about this summer, he said, "Summer vacations are always a time that's needed to be spent indoors due to the heat outside. Hence, it's a time we get to spend time with family friends and loved ones."

However, on asking how the vacations would be spent by another 11th Grader, Sourav Pal of the Commerce section, he stated, "It is period I is see, to take a break from studies & also to better it." On asking him if he is indulging in something specific, Pal questioned, "We all do have plans for the Summer, Don't we?" Pal had a different opinion about studying, "They need to enjoy these vacations as they just finished their exams and also try to spend some time studying."

Certainly, there is lot in store for the IHS students, while some just wanted to relax, there are some who want to utilize the two months to study and finish school work. Vishnu Sabu Gopinath is one such person. When asked about his plans, Gopinath Mentioned, "My plan is to spend mornings for assignment and study and evening for play and leisure. My Studies are only during morning of vacations." It truly is a balance of fun and work.

"I plan to spend it with my friends and family in Dubai itself by roaming around my favorite places." as Sen further elaborated his plans However, it did seem that Sen believed that it would be a sham if the break wasn't used productively. Thereby, Sen commented, "Planning to make it productive by researching more upon my studies so that an extra knowledge about the subject is always there. I am planning to study during the summer, since we have a lot of summer assignments and portions to cover."

Gopinath too shared a similar view as but he also opined about other activities as he said "My friend and I are planning to start a YouTube channel." Everyone does not wish to keep studying in summer after hectic days at school, while some would, other would wade away from it.

However, there are some who also believe in not wasting the two months they've got and indulge in studying. To state his way of going about the summer holidays, another IHS student of 11th Grade, commerce, said, "I'd recommend others to have their fun with their friends and family but meanwhile keep in mind their education and the amount of work needed to be put into studies also." He also specified and suggested that it is best, "Not to waste lot of time playing." Though a mix of fun and education would make the break fruitful, there are some who would give more weightage to studies.

Educational and sports activities are at its peak during summers in Dubai, on being asked if students are indulging in any such activities, Sen mentioned, "Exercise by playing your favorite sports, it will help you be in better shape and daily simple activities like reading books or newspapers are the best for increase General Knowlegde." It didn't seem that anyone was about to take any extra studies or courses during the break, the view was shared by all the students.

Summer proves to be an excellent time where one indulge in studies and recreational activities.
- Written by Nihaad Mohammed, Senior Reporter for Light House.