IHS Showcases Talent
This year's Talents Day of Grade 11 & 12, boys, titled 'IHS' Got Talent', was held on Wednesday, 24th Oct. Indeed a gala event as the students of IHS showcased their potential in different spheres.

IHS annually organises a talent programme for the students, the students of IHS claim that the event is always a time for fun and most importantly to display their flair. The event is a healthy mix of music, dance and dramatics. Each student has their own aptitude, this platform helps them let it out.

The programme first started off with a speech from the School's Head Boy, Noel Sam Thomas, post the speech, the enthralling event called 'Battle of Bands' picked its pace. The captivating music of the brilliant bands at IHS left the students in High Spirits, with an enthralling applause. After a well fought battle, there has to be a winner. Therefore, operating on the same tradition, a band called WB grabbed the first position followed by Massive M5 and The Grid.

Moving forward with the event, next in line was Movie Making. The amateur videographers, story writers and actors of IHS, displayed their talent and skillets. With many different storyline and captivating performances, the show was indeed a hit. Certainly the best gets the prize, therefore, three different videos namely, 'The Remote', 'The Midnight Stranger' and 'Are you Game' grabbed the first, second and third positions, respectively.

How can one miss dancing midst dramatics and music? Followed by the two events above was Group Dance, one of the most anticipated. With enthralling performances, three teams displayed their talent, which stopped the heartbeat quite a few students and teachers as well. With a huge round of applause, 'Rubitrix' was awarded the given the best dance group.

Eventually, the charm of the event was 'Dream Dancer', where six dancers face-off with each other to win the best dancer title. Well, that's not just the end... A special guest judge, DJ Tushar was called to judge 'War of the DJ's' where Palash Chawani bagged the hot title of 'DJ Master 2012' and Areeb Sanadi received the runners up.

Throughout the course of the event, there was constant support given by Mr. Yashbeer, supervisor of 11th and 12th Boys. As all good things come to an end, the programme ended with a subtle vote of thanks for those who made the event memorable and successful.

-An account of IHS Got Talent, written by the organiser Tony Joseph