Sporting Spirit of IHS Teachers
Teachers participate readily in large numbers for Sports Week in an unusual and fun way!

September 2012 students of IHS celebrated Teachers' Day, for Grade 5-12, in the most unusual manner. This year, from 17th to 19th September, the teachers got an opportunity to relive their student days by participating in a Teacher's Sports Week.

On 17th of September, the Student's Council organized the lemon and spoon race. While the teachers played along, the students cheered. A large number of students flocked to the Sport's Complex to watch their teachers play. Students watching the race, commented, "It is really entertaining watching our teachers play. Even we feel the excitement. And we think that our cheering has helped to encourage them more." The crowd helped to motivate the teachers which tested their popularity as well as team spirit. The competition was very close but eventually Mrs. Rakhi and Mrs. Ragini were declared winners.

An exciting volleyball match of Science teachers vs. Arts & Commerce teachers was held on 18th September. The teams led by Mrs. Rakhi, Mrs. Ranjana Kapila and Mrs. Suman Bangera bagged those prizes. Many students were also amazed to learn that Mrs. Rakhi was a hockey silver medallist. She said, "It was an amazing experience. I was a hockey player in the state level and it brought back the same memories. We enjoyed the events a lot and they were appropriately chosen."

"The events were chosen with care so that teachers of all ages and capabilities could participate without compromising their health" Bhakti Pawani, a student council member from the senior section, said, "They were allowed to choose their own groups and each team selected their best player as captain. The crowd was very supportive. This was meant to be a social event for teachers where they could show their extracurricular talents as well as remind them of their school and college days."

The teachers found this a very refreshing and nostalgic experience. To quote Mrs. Arshiya, "It was a wonderful experience. We hardly get such a chance where we can go back to our younger days. For that moment we feel like a student, a player." While Mrs. Sripriya said, "We couldn't believe that we could do it with the same zest like we did in school." Even though the teachers were extremely excited about the match, a few of them got hurt. Mrs. Rosy George who was injured while playing a match said, "It was a mixed experience for me because I had a grand fall and a great victory. I had a very nice time playing the game and will take part in the future."

-Induja Rajendran